New Facebook Ad Feature - Optimization

Facebook’s newest feature specifically focuses on the ‘Conversions’ ad objective. As a reminder, a conversion ad is the ad that you’ll use to get people to take action (i.e. opt into a freebie, sign up for a webinar, etc.) When you’re in Power Editor (or Ads Manager), there is an area of the Ad Set level where you tell Facebook how to optimize the ad for delivery.

Here’s a screenshot:

I always suggest that you leave this area alone and let Facebook optimize the ad for conversions. (The other option when you click on that drop down is link clicks.) Now, you may or may not have known this, but when you run a conversion ad, your pixel is “learning” who is converting.  It requires a certain amount of hits to have enough data. If you see your ad delivery is slow, it’s because Facebook doesn’t have enough data to know who is converting so it can find you MORE people. It takes Facebook 15-25 conversions per week to start to understand who is converting.

So, if you see your ad is delivering slowly and you aren’t getting 15-25 conversions per week, you will soon be able to improve the delivery by telling Facebook to optimize for link clicks FIRST until you start to get the conversions.  If it optimizes for link clicks, it will show it to people who are likely to click and therefore speed up the conversion process…well…hopefully!

I suspect this option will be placed in this area as well and you’ll have two options: Standard and Extended.

Standard Option:

If you select this, once you’ve reached 15-25 conversions/1000 link clicks or 7 days (whichever comes first), Facebook will stop optimizing for link clicks and move back over to conversions.

Extended Option:

If you select this option, Facebook will optimize for link clicks and conversions until you capture 15-25 conversions or the budget is spent. If you don’t reach 15-25 conversions, Facebook will still spend the full budget on links and conversions.

The jury’s out on which option to select, but as soon as I get this feature, it’s something I’ll test out for you and post back!


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