hi there! I'm Laura

My Energetic and Fast-Moving Pace Keeps Me Up-to-Speed on All Things Facebook Ads (which is a bonus for you!)

If we were in a room together, I’d probably walk right up to you and introduce myself. I’m sure we’d become the best of friends. I’ve never met a stranger, which is why I’m good at building impactful relationships with strangers online. 

You need an energetic Facebook Ads manager who is proactive rather than reactive online. If you’re looking for someone to manage your facebook ads campaign or enrolling in one of my courses, you need someone who is fast-moving, high-energy and has the most up-to-date information out there. ('Cause we know Facebook ads change daily!)

I’m all that and two cups of Starbucks (lol!)

But, here’s the thing—while I’m filled to the overflowing brim with energy, I take things nice and slow when it comes to either managing your campaign or teaching you the ropes. I'm a step-by-step kinda girl and I like to walk my clients and students through their Facebook Ad journey slowly so that we are not missing any opportunities and you fully understand the process. 

I’m a wife, mama, virtual business owner (that means I work in my jammies) and Facebook Ads addict (Seriously. I looooovvvve Facebook Ads...) But, I'm not all business. I’ve spent the last 15 years volunteering for a number of charitable organizations and am always engaged with my community. My superpower is being generous with my time and talent. I love to help and I know how to engage and attract people— both online and offline!

I spent several years on the PTO, but I’m not your stereotype PTO-mommy who will snub her nose at a store bought cake. Ummm, I’m the mom who gave her kids gummy bears for breakfast—guilt-free—because the clock was running faster than we were. True story. 

I’m a real mom, wife, and business owner who knows life isn’t always perfect.

But, I perfectly tailor a facebook ad campaign or easy to understand course for you. 

I believe that if you are successful, then I’ve done my job correctly. I love to lead, teach, and market, and I’d love to either lead you towards greater success in your Facebook ad journey or teach you how to do it yourself. Nothing gets me more excited than getting you cheap leads! For real. 

Let’s talk.