I often get the question, “What ad objective should I choose when I run my Facebook ads?”  Or I hear ‘What does ‘ad objective’ even mean?”  Facebook doesn’t make it crystal clear either so let me explain. The ad objective is the goal of your ad. So, before running any ads, you’ll want to ask yourself, what do you want from this ad? Engagement? Conversions? Likes? Traffic? It’s a crucial decision because it could make or break your campaign.

So, knowing what your goal is will help you make the right selection (well, sometimes). It can still be tricky to select the right one because, well, some are very similar so it’s important to know the differences between each so that you get the results you want.

This is a bit of a loaded question because everyone has Selecting the right ad objective is crucial, and it could cost you tons of time and money if you don’t make the right choice. Why? Well, because the ad objective is the goal of the ad. It's what you tell Facebook you want 'more of' (i.e. page likes, website clicks, conversions, and so on).

Why do you want to make the right section? Well, because Facebook then optimizes your ad to show it to more people who will take that action. (Yes, Facebook does want your ads to succeed), but in order to get them to succeed, you have to tell it exactly what you want.

With 11 ad objectives there is way too many to list here, so I created a complete guide to Facebook Ad Objectives. And because the Facebook dashboards sometimes look different from country to country, I included two versions of what your screen might look like when you go into Power Editor.  (Facebook rolls out layout changes in regions so eventually, everyone will have the same appearance.) So, grab this handy dandy cheat sheet and be sure to start your ads off on the right foot! 

Complete Guide to Ad Objectives!