What Facebook Ad Objective do I choose?

I often get the question, “What ad objective should I choose when I run my Facebook ads?”  Or I hear ‘What does ‘ad objective’ even mean?”  Facebook doesn’t make it crystal clear either so let me explain. The ad objective is the goal of your ad. So, before running any ads, you’ll want to ask yourself, what do you want from this ad? Engagement? Conversions? Likes? Traffic? It’s a crucial decision because it could make or break your campaign.

That's why knowing the goal of your ad campaign will help you make the right selection. It can still be tricky to select the right one because, well, some are very similar so it’s important to know the differences between each so that you get the results you want.

Selecting the right ad objective is really critical. It could cost you tons of time and money if you don’t make the right choice. It's important because it's what you tell Facebook you want 'more of' (i.e. page likes, website clicks, conversions, and so on) so if you pick the wrong one you won't see the results you're looking for. 

Here's what you're faced with when you dive into Power Editor to start building an ad. So, which one should you choose? 



Not sure? Well, you're in luck. I created a complete guide to Facebook Ad Objectives.  This free download (no opt in required) will help you better understand each ad objective so that you choose the right one for your ad. 



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