Page Engagement for Retargeting

Facebook is really starting to focus more on engagement these days, and they’ve recently added a new feature to their custom audiences for retargeting ads.  You can now target ads to people who have taken action on your business page.  

This, my friends, is a game changer.

These are people who have interacted with your page in some capacity - - meaning they are interested in what you have to offer (and are probably more inclined to buy from you in the future!)

This feature is new and some of you might not have it yet, but you will, and I highly recommend using it. 

To create these audiences, you will go to Ads Manager and find what I like to call the ‘home base’ (the 3 lines at the top left corner of your screen AKA the “hamburger”).  When you click on that, you’ll either see the option for “Audiences” or go to “All Tools” and then hover over to Audiences.  Click on Audiences and then select “Create Audience".  After that, select “Engagement on Facebook”.


For an audience of people who have engaged with a page, post, or ad, select “Page”. 

For an audience of people who have watched a certain percentage of your videos, select “Video.”


If you are creating an audience of Page Engagement, this is the screen that will appear.  You can create multiple audiences.  First, select your page and then decide who you would like to include (see highlighted areas). Then, name your audience and save it.  I generally create two audiences: “Anyone who visited your page” and “People who have engaged with any post or ad.”


You can also select a range of days in which they’ve engaged, and you can even make a few.  For example: “People who’ve engaged with your post or ad in the last 7 days.”  Maybe you’re running a campaign to sell your course and the cart is closing soon.  You might want to run an ad to people who have engaged with your posts or ads in the last 7 days because you’re fresh on their minds. 

If you want to create an audience of video watchers, select “Video” instead of “Page” and click on the drop down button for options (see below).  I generally create an audience of people who have watched 50% of your videos and another audience of people who have watched 75% of your videos.  (You can select as many videos as you’d like.)  When you click on the ‘Choose Videos’ button, your videos will appear.  Select them and save your audience. 

Why don’t I create an audience of people who have watched less than 50% of their videos? 

Well, I want to retarget ads to people who are HIGHLY interested…not ‘scrollers’.  If they are watching 50%-75% of your videos, they are engaged and interested, so I recommend showing them another ad when you are ready to sell.

I recommend starting these audiences as soon as possible. You might not use them yet, but when you are ready to run ads they’ll be there!  When I am running an ad campaign for a client, it’s one of the first things I do.  Audiences are critical in advertising on Facebook, so why not target those ‘warm’ audiences first? (Those who have engaged with you in the past.)

NINJA TRICK: Have an active Facebook group? Want to retarget them with an ad also? You can't 'officially' do that on Facebook yet, but here's a trick. Post something juicy on your facebook page (You should be doing this regularly anyway) and then SHARE that post into your group. If you have an audience built of people who have engaged with your pages/posts it will include THESE people as well. BOOM. 

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