What to Post on your Facebook Business Page

If we want to run Facebook ads, we all need a business page. Business pages also allow us to be seen as an authority in our field and…well… “profesh.” But, I’m not going to lie, organic reach is low these days. We want to make sure what we are posting is engaging so that our posts get seen! So, let’s talk about how we can get more action over on your Facebook business page, but first, here are a few important reminders about Facebook marketing in general.  

Facebook picks what goes into your fans' newsfeeds. It picks things that are highly engaging. Facebook will look at your posts for how many likes, comments, shares, and clicks they have.  If Facebook could speak, it would say, “Wow, those fans really seemed to like that post, I’m going to push it into the newsfeed of MORE of their fans.”  

So the more likes, comments, shares, and clicks you get on your business page, the more they’ll push your future posts into your fans' feeds.

Facebook, for business, is about relationship building. It’s like dating. Wait….just hear me out…. Do you remember some of your first dates? Boy, I had a few doozies. Remember that one awkward date where he/she started talking about things that should NOT be talked about on a first date…things like marriage and having children. Well, that’s what people feel like when they are being sold to all the time on your business page. They’re thinking….WHOA TOO SOON! I’m not ready to buy yet. I need to be ‘warmed up’ first. Moving too fast with salesy stuff is the quickest way to get people to unfollow your page (or run for the hills from a first date).

Facebook is a social platform. People are on Facebook to chat with friends, connect with family, share stories, be inspired, be educated, and be engaged. They want to laugh and learn. They want to be human—in a very non-human environment.  So be human. Be yourself—not your salesy self (there is a time and place for that). Be your fun, human self. Think about it. Do YOU want to see posts on a business page that are all about the sales they’re offering or why you should buy said product from them? I know I don’t. Ya know what I want to see on a business page? I want to see WHO I’m considering buying from. In this digital world, you have to find a way to make yourself human. It’s hard and it takes time, but if you do it the right way it will lead to sales. I promise.  


“People want more you on Facebook and less of the product or service you sell.”




These might not make ANY sense to your business, but trust me, they work. Remember, the goal is to get people to like, comment, share, and click on your posts so that when you DO have a promotional post, Facebook will slide that bad boy right into your fans' newsfeeds as well. Amy Porterfield calls it ‘priming the pump’ and Gary Vaynerchuk calls it “Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook” in his book of the same name. You want to give, give, give (jab, jab, jab) and then give ‘em that ‘right hook’ with the promotional post.

So, here are some things I want you to consider posting (regularly) on your Facebook page:


Post things that inspire: Inspirational quotes are great. I personally love them because they keep me motivated and focused. Entrepreneurship can be a lonely (and sometimes frustrating) place, so I’ve found peace in some of the quotes I’ve read from other professionals out there. Plus, MANY people share these inspirational quotes. (Hint: Make sure you put your logo or website address on any image quotes so when they are shared, people know where they’re coming from. Bet you’ll get more likes that way also!)  





Post things that educate: People LOVE to learn! So teach them! Give them tips, resources, and even ‘how to’ videos about your products or services. If you sell handmade products, show them how you make them. My fans love to learn about Facebook marketing and ads, so I post tips regularly. Here’s another example of Tasty's videos. (My daughter is obsessed with these videos on how to cook.) Tasty does a great job with these! They’re short, sweet, and easy to make recipes (that’s right up my alley!)




Post things that make people laugh: Who doesn’t love (and need) a good laugh? These are BOUND to get likes and smiley faces! I have a client who is a chiropractor. Trying to make chiropractic fun is a challenge, to say the least, but these posts were great and we got a lot of engagement from them! So now, when he’s ready to post an offer or special promotion or event, it’s going to get seen by more people because we are constantly posting things that are going to get engagement (even if they have nothing to do with chiropractic care).





Post things that engage people: Questions, statistics, and polls are GREAT for engagement. Ask your fans for their opinion! Post a thoughtful question, ask them to ‘Caption’ the photo, or post a current statistic to get a discussion going. People LOVE to give their two cents and it will get that engagement meter soaring! Here’s some from Coca-Cola and M & M's.





Post things that are current: Current event posts can be fun (and controversial, so be careful with these). I always like to err on the side of caution, so keep it simple. If it’s election season, feel free to post “Did you vote today?” but you might want to avoid making your political affiliations known just to play it safe. I’ve also found that fans love ‘Days of the Week posts’ – like “National Hug your Pet Day” or “National Chocolate Day.”  Who couldn’t have a little fun with those? Here’s one I posted for my client, the chiropractor, on National Donut Day. My son and I stopped to pick up donuts for his patients on National Donut Day. He snagged one before we even got to the office!  I *might* have eaten one also….maybe….probably…




Post ‘Behind the scenes” shots: People love, love, love these!! It’s giving them a chance to be inside your business and see you are more than the business owner. Do you bring your pet to work? Show a picture of Fido sitting by your desk. Do you have a new product you’re trying out for a client or customer? Show it off! Feature other clients in your posts for bonus points! People love to see themselves on Facebook!


Post videos! Videos are getting more organic reach. Facebook is pushing those videos into your fans' newsfeeds more than image posts so be sure to post more videos. Your videos can be ‘teaching’ videos or more for entertainment. But, no matter what, warm up to video. (I need to take my own advice here!)





Be consistent: You want to show up on your Facebook page regularly. If you have a ghost town on your page, you’re going to hear crickets. Be there and they’ll show up!

Use a scheduler: I use Meet Edgar for posting to my social channels. It’s like a library. I ‘feed’ Edgar tons of posts, articles, images, tips, etc. and then I tell it when to post things. It’s great because you’ll never lose something you’ve worked hard to create! It will post and then recycle the content. (So, make sure the content isn’t stale or time specific. You don’t want to post something about a summer sale in the dead of winter.) There are other schedules out there like Recurpost, Buffer, and Hootsuite. I posted the links in the resource section below.

Be subtle: If you want to post something about a product or service you’re working on, no sweat! Just be subtle. As you start to develop a relationship with your fans, they’ll WANT to hear about what you are selling. People buy from people they know, like, and trust so when that happens you will have to turn those fans into buyers!

Be authentic: Just be you. You might be a CEO of big fortune 500 company or a small business owner in small town USA, but we are all human beings and people do business with people – not logos or robots. Be real. Be authentic. Be you. Show your big wins and your mistakes. It makes us real.



Days of the Year:




Inspirational Quotes:




Scheduling Software:

Meet Edgar: www.meetedgar.com

Buffer: www.buffer.com

HootSuite: www.hootsuite.com

Recurpost: www.recurpost.com


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