How to Create the Right Offer

Your freebie has to be SO good that people are going to say, “Wow, I can’t believe this was free!” So, how do you make a totally irresistible offer?

Here’s what I do:

1. Think about the one question you get asked ALL the time from your ideal clients/customers. For me, I get asked about the Facebook pixel.  What it is, what it does and why we need it. Which is why I created a blog post on the pixel with a content upgrade (freebie download). The pixel is something that my peeps struggle with, and I decided to make that one of my freebies because I knew they’d just snatch it up!

2. Think about what problem you solve for your ideal client. Maybe you’re a business coach and you help your clients with time management. You might want to create a PDF cheat sheet “Top 5 hacks to find more hours in your day.” They have a problem (they need more time), and you have the solution (your hacks).

3. Stalk groups. Find groups where your ideal clients hang out and spend 5-10 minutes a day searching the feed for keywords that relate to your niche. To find groups, go to the search bar at the top of the Facebook newsfeed and type in some keywords that relate to your business.



Click on the ‘Groups’ tab and spend some time going through a few groups. Now, as a former group addict, I do recommend you vet the groups a bit before joining to make sure they’re legit. Most will require you to ask to join. Once you do have access, look through the news feed, look at the descriptions and rules to learn more about the group.  Make sure it’s a group where people are seeking guidance that you can assist with.

Then, set a timer and spend about 5-10 minutes looking through the discussion feed. In the discussion search box, type some keywords that relate to your business and see what types of discussions pop up.  Make notes when you see where people are struggling and turn that into an offer. I’ve literally made a spreadsheet of all the questions that I’ve seen in groups (I copy and paste screenshots), and I’ve asked my VA to go through MY group and write out all the questions that were in there. This helps me create content including freebies, my course lessons, and blog posts!




4. Go onto Amazon and look at book reviews. This may or may not apply to you, but there are tons of books on Facebook Marketing. I’ve gone onto Amazon and looked at the reviews. Not the 5-star reviews. Not the 1-star reviews. Look at the 3-star reviews to see what those people thought. They didn’t love the book enough to give it 4 or 5 and they didn’t hate it enough to give it 1, so what was missing for them? Where did they struggle? What wasn’t addressed in the book that should have been? There’s my freebie topic!


Here’s an example.  This is a 3-star review from a book on Facebook Advertising:



Here’s why this is great: He talks about how the book covers the ‘nuts and bolts’ of Facebook advertising but doesn’t give strategies for creating a profitable campaign. Well Mr. K. Hill, the author knows nothing about your business, so it’s hard to address that in a book. This is how I’d turn this into a blog post or freebie download: I’d create a blog post (with a content upgrade) on 3 basic strategies that online business owners can use to either grow their email list, grow their social proof, or get a ROI from their ads using an upsell method. This would be the best I could give this guy without knowing more about his specific business. (Note: A content upgrade is when you write a blog post and offer a free download at the end. It’s another way to capture their email address.) By the way, this is a great strategy to use for those of you who are brand new on the Facebook scene. You can use a “Traffic” objective to a great blog post and include a content upgrade to get their name and email. But…I digress….


5. See what your competitors are doing. I do this ALL the time. I opt in to claim other Facebook Ad Strategists freebies, read their blog posts and learn more about what they’re doing. (Turns out, we all seem to be doing similar things.) It’s great to hear what others are doing so I can also learn. (You never stop learning about Facebook ads and others might have a different spin on things.) So, check out your competitor’s websites and blog posts. See what they’re doing. Now, I don’t suggest you copy exactly what they’re doing but use it for inspiration!


So, in conclusion, it’s really important that your offer doesn’t suck. Even though YOU might think it’s the most fantastic thing in the world, if your audience doesn’t, the ad is not going to convert. So, make sure it’s something that your audience HAS to have! It has to be a no-brainer.